Alvin Moss

Mr. Alvin Frederick Moss (Artman), the craftsman and artist, was born in New Providence on the 8th January, 1962. Mr. Moss received no formal art or craft training. He exhibited natural artistic and crafts skills during his days in primary school.

His scope of artistry and craftsmanship encompasses local landscape paintings; designing “Logos” production of a wide range of hand crafted paintings figures, as well as song composition.

The Artist uses acrylic paints rather than oils, and has mastered the skill in using a kitchen knife, fork or utensil rather than the traditional painter’s palate knife in his landscape paintings. For his hand crafted figures he applies the acrylic paint with an artist’s brush.

Mr. Moss works on location when painting local landscapes and for his logos and craft production he works from his studio and his backyard shed.

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