Max Taylor

Max Taylor was born on the Island of New Providence and currently lives and works in Nassau, The Bahamas. By experimenting as a young artist, even before going to the Arts Student League of New York, his development was already ingrained..

“Many years ago growing up in The Bahamas, we did not have an Art School. Mr. Horace Wright was the only art teacher. He had the responsibility of teaching drawing to most of the schools. The lessons did not last that long. In school, we had our own competition. Remember my contemporaries like Fred Bowe, Ben Walks and Artie Symonette.

“Then came the Nassau Academy of Fine Arts, under Mr. Don Russell, where I continued to learn drawing. Then the Chelsea Pottery was started, where I met the young Brent Malone, Kendal Hannah and Vernon Cambridge. We all had that strong desire to paint and draw. Mr. David Rawnsley was instrumental in instructing and encouraging us always. Mr. Brian Arthur, who was also a Potter, used to hire a model for us to draw, butI still had a strong desire to paint. Mr. Arthur, Kendal and I experimented in many different styles, abstract, expressionism, cubism and, impressionism. I remembered Clement Bethell saying to me ‘Max, I can see that you really want to be a painter’. Mr. Donald Cartwright encouraged us and bought many of our paintings.

“By experimenting as a young artist, even before going to the Arts Student League of New York, my development was already ingrained. This is why I continued to work in various expressions.”

Max Taylor’s most recent exhibitions include:
Two-man Exhibition at Benedict College, Columbia, South Carolina
The 2nd National Exhibition, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

Past Prominent Purchases include:
Absolut Taylor, for Absolut Vodka, Product of Sweden
I.D.B.M. of Washington D.C., Purchase of large woodcut, Love and Responsiblity
Recipient of Southern Art Federation National Fellowship Endowment for the Arts, Works on paper.

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