Ricardo Knowles

Ricardo Knowles is a son of San Salvador Island in The Bahamas – site of the Columbus Landfall and Discovery of the New World.

From the age of Seven, Ricardo traveled the Bahamian Out Islands with his sea-going father, and was always sketching and painting the idyllic scenes of beauty and the simple native people surrounding him.

The talent which emerged, soon earned him numerous prizes in National Art Competitions and eventually admittance to one of America’s most prestigious institutes for the study of Painting and Drawing – Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA. Four years there, brought him into contact with many of today’s most successful artists and illustrators.

His early love for the work of 19th Century European artists, especially the French Impressionists, inspired this young Bahamian to embark on a two year journey of discovery throughout Europe, and to enroll in 1986 as an independent student, at the eminent Ecole Des Beaux Arts, in Paris, France.

After ten years of prolific work in The Bahamas, Ricardo Knowles lived as a professional painter in France, enlarging his established reputation as master of tropical islandscape, to that of an internationally regarded mixed-media and Commission Artist.

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