William (Bill) Johnson

Inspired by the Bahamian waters upon which he has spent most of his life, Artist William Johnson, Jr. has mastered a scientific illustrator’s style for capturing the natural beauty of this tropical paradise. Mr. Johnson’s sailboat, “Makurai Maru” serves as his home and studio. His lifestyle has enabled him to become familiar with his subjects and to paint them against a natural backdrop of sea and sky.

Mr. Johnson’s work is celebrated in The Bahamas. Tourists, wishing to return to their homes with a reminder of this place of bliss, choose his work because it holds the color and vibrancy of this latitude.

People who have studied The Bahamas applaud the accuracy of Mr. Johnson’s work. Special recognition has been given to his prints of Bahamian fishing gear and sailing craft.

Mr. Johnson is the author of ‘Bahamian Sailing Craft’, a book which can be found in the National Watercraft Collection at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and in the National Archives in Nassau, Bahamas.

The Artist seems to prefer to portray birds, fish, shells or flowers on a white background. Perhaps Mr. Johnson’s skill as a sculptor leads him to paint in this manner. Or maybe he views his subjects as being worthy of portraiture. When you inspect his work, notice the rainbow of colors he employes to bring forth the splendor of his subjects. The sketches may be uniform, but each brush stroke is unique. His work is in the collections of local and international collectors.

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